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Our Focus
We focus on the complete solution not just the technology and tailor the technology to meet your requirements not the other way round. We are more than flashy graphics, animations and way out designs, we concentrate on identifying your needs and providing a solution that meets them.

More Than A Website
With today's advancements such as broadband and the propagation of the Internet your website can play an active role within your business. It is no longer about just having a web presence but about providing a rich user experience to your potential customers and converting them into existing and repeat customers.


The Infolution Software E-commerce package infoShop provides a comprehensive and cost effective e-commerce solution whether you are selling a hand full of products or have a product catalogue of 1000's of products. Our system is very configurable and we can always make ammendments to suit any special requirements.

Key functionality includes:

  • Sell products from a single or multiple suppliers.
  • Use infoShop for renting/lending items such as cars, tools etc.
  • Sell magazine subcriptions tracked by the number of issues.
  • Sell digital items such as music, software etc.
  • Ability to sell online services with an intial charge and then charged by the actual number used during the billing period.
  • As a Estate agent listing.
  • Can be used by non-profit organisations to receive donations.

infoShop is suitable for the following types of products:

  • Traditional items - with a number of delivery options.
  • Subscriptions - allow access to a secured area of your website once a customer has paid and then have recurring billing.
  • Recurring Delivery - After the sale delivery a number of goods every period for a predefined number of periods, used for things like magazine subscriptions where after purcasing a subscription the customer receives a copy every month for the next 12 months.
  • Configurable Products - enables you to create and sell combined products as one unit from a range of components. Customers can select the product from a number of options, so for example when buying a computer the customer can select components such as processor, memory etc. The options can also be configured to the choices made so the customer is only shown options compatible with their previous choices. Each option has it's own price which when added to the base price gives you the total price for the product.
  • Rentable Products - such as hotel rooms, cars, tools etc. You can also specify the number of each item available and the customer is only shown the items available for each period.
  • Tickets - Concert tickets etc, Customer shown dates for which tickets are available.
  • Books - can store the ISBN number, author and publisher.
  • Digital Goods - Software, music, photos etc. Download links shown after the customer has purchased and you can limit the number of downloads for the period the download is available. The system can also manage licence keys and supports the DRM Network for diget rights management of digital media.
  • Item based donations - Allow customers to choose how much they wish to pay.
  • T-Shirt Printing/Engraving/Embroidery - Customers can upload their own images for you to process.